Monday, March 30, 2009

Yira Reads - Spring Reading Challenge- 2009

I love to read good, engaging novels but even since I started going to school part-time, having kids full time (always a pleasure ;-) ) and...well, having a life that is filled wonder and awe and frustration too..don't get me wrong, I don't live in la-la land, I could hardley make it through the first chapter, let alone a whole book.  

Since I asked for help redecorating a few weeks ago, I came up with this little reading corner.  I love it here, well, apparently we all do because there's almost always someone sitting here reading. 

My son is an avid reader and when he overheard me talking about the spring reading challenge he quickly ran up to his room and came down with this stack of books for me to read.  He placed them on the mantel in the family room because he wants to make sure "I don't forget."  I started reading John Grisham's book The Appeal.

He takes after his dad who picks up a book and can't seem to be able to function until he's done.  My teen daughter has recently started reading more as well.  The common denominator among the three is that they can stop and just read without interruptions.  I, on the other hand, have two younger kids tugging at my gym shorts regardless of whose around.  When I read to them I only day dream of reading something I would really enjoy for a change. 

So this challenge comes at a good time.  I am still taking online courses -- almost done with that, I still work part time at the gym (I could hardley call exercising a job), and the kids are still tugging at my shorts.  The difference now is that I decided to prioritize what I do with the time that I do have.  I can go to bed 1/2  hour earlier and continue to get up an hour before anyone else.  This time I will take part of that time to read something I enjoy.

Thanks Susan for the inspiration.  Here's my list - I can't say I'll finish all those during the spring time but I plan to make a dent on this stack.  Visit Susan at A Southern Daydreamer Reads to see what others are reading. 

Happy Reading!


  1. lots of great books there, i wish you some private time in your corner to really get a chance to soak it in before the tugging kick ins!

  2. Looks like a great list...and a wonderful place to sit and read!