Monday, March 25, 2013

Blue Monday: Jewelry from That's So Fab

I think most of us own some type of jewelry, even if you are the "no jewelry" type like me.  I spend a lot of time in and out of my gym clothes so jewelry that goes outside of my wedding rings and sports watch just becomes a nuisance.  However, I own quite a bit and I do wear it usually evenings and weekends or for special occasions, etc.   
I find that it's fun to have just the right necklace or earrings to wear with a nice blouse or dress.  I love to see how my day-time mommy on the run outfit can easily be transformed into a date night outfit with just a few pieces from my jewelry box.
Jewelry can be expensive. I know and I don't buy expensive jewelry because I know I can't commit to really taking care of it...i.e. not losing it. 
Recently my sister started a business online called That's So Fab.  Now, SHE IS in love with all things jewelry and anything that accessorizes her outfit. She's Fabulous! I just might hire her to help re-do my wardrobe, someday...when I could afford to buy new clothes AND pay her.  For now I am supporting her via her new business.  Her website has a lot cute items with many more to come.  Here are a few of the blues I really liked.  I hope you can take a moment to visit her site and share it with others.
Here are some tips I found at JewelersRing about Costume Jewelry:
~Costume Jewelry is Fun
One of the appealing things about costume jewelry is there is something to fit just about any mood, any occasion, and any taste.
~Costume Jewelry is Inexpensive
Just because you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your accessories, that is no reason to skimp on a little personal adornment.
~Costume Jewelry is Practical
The fact is that wearing your best jewelry in a public place has become a dangerous proposition. If you can afford to hire a bodyguard, then wearing an expensive necklace will work out fine. Should someone decide to snatch the necklace, costume pieces are much easier to replace than the real thing.
~Costume Jewelry is Durable
Once upon a time, costume jewelry was considered cheap in more ways than one. While this type of jewelry is still viewed as inexpensive, the quality is much higher than in years past.

Shared on Blue Monday by Smiling Sally.  Stop by her blog to see other blues around the world!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blue Monday- The National Building Museum, DC

This is the National Building Museum in Washington DC.  The building itself is pretty impressive, with columns four stories high or more inside the expansive foyer.  The rooms where located around this courtyard suited with a water fountain, information booths and other hands-on activities for people young and ... ahem, mature :-)

We went right for the kids play areas.  One had a mini play house with a kitchen, living room furniture, lights, doors and windows. Very cute.  In this room we also played in the sand pitt, large leggo blocks, and large foam building blocks in many shapes and sizes. This was the 3-5 year old room.

Then we went to another room where the building blocks were as big as the kids and the room was large and filled from end to end with building toys.  This little guy had a great time pretending to be a part of what seemed like a Tetris game.  She built a structure out of these large foamy blocks and let her imagination go wild.  


I guess time to rest came for him and he find the right place to put his feet up.  The kids had a great time at the museum.  I think it's a place we just might visit again.  There was more to see and do but between these two rooms, they were done for the day.

I started writing this on Sunday evening.... this is what happens when the kids go wild! 

Have a great week everyone!