Sunday, April 27, 2014

Blue Monday- Blue Heron in the Lake

We are finally out of winter weather and into spring and I could not be happier.  SMILES each and everyday I see the sun or even the rain just as long as I'm not cold or scraping snow or ice off my windshield.

So much has happened, so much to share, so little time...

I've started walking around the lake more often these days and can't help but feel lost in the beauty of nature. There's always something new or different along the same paved path.  These days I feel I need to walk around with my Nikon instead of just my iPhone camera.

On our walk today, my friend Wendy and I spotted a Blue Heron sitting along the side of the lake. Contemplating and taking in the evening sun.  It was just beautiful.

Here he is meditating :-)

...and now showing off his wings!

It's a great day to share the blues with Smiling Sally and her crew!

Smiling Sally