Monday, April 22, 2013

Places around DC

Before I share blue places I'd like to share my daughter's cause... please read below and support her by or share the page to get the word out.  

Support Emily's Smile Train to help give a child a smile!! Thank You!

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Now that we live in the DC Metro area I realize there is a lot to see and do and I need to do and and see as much as possible.  It is so easy to get comfortable in one's place and postpone being a tourist in our own town, but this time I promised I would not let an event go by without investigating my options.

Museums, monuments, cherry blossoms, old buildings, old towns and new towns, FREE, inexpensive, and Oh My Word that's expensive...we have it all here in DC. So here are a few of our visits with lots of blue skies.  Enjoy!

Beautiful Townhouse in the Dupont Circle area

Getting the mail seems like such a difficult task for a 6 year old :-)

Virginia Railway Express - Train dedicated to work week commuters

University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA

A jogging trail and a creek

Celebrating life at Westminster Choir College

National Museum of Art...that is one Giant door.

DC area building but can't recall what it is...

Ice Skating for the first time ever!

Cherry Blossoms

The U.S. Capitol

Sharing on Blue Monday with Smiling Sally and her guests!

Proudly supporting Emily in her 
Running for Smiles Campaign with SmileTrain
Give this child a chance at a normal life.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Would you give a child a smile if you could?

Emily's Smile Train - Running for Smiles!

This is my daughter Emily showing off her beautiful smile. Hers was free, well except for the braces but that's another story. She is in college studying Occupational Therapy.

Emily recently signed up to run the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon.  Emily is not a runner, although after this event she will most certainly qualify for that title.  

But she isn't training and running for a title, she is doing it because she wants to give children born with a Cleft the ability to smile. 

She signed up with Smile Train to raise funds to help at least one child smile for the first time and for the rest of his/her life.

We take smiles for granted and sometimes we go out of our way to avoid smiling.  But I have learned that when we smile, even when we don't feel like it, our mood changes instantly and it changes how we are perceived by others.

Smiles warm the hearts of everyone around us.  See, smiling isn't just about us and how we feel, it's about how we make others feel.  Since I've been reading about these kids born with a Cleft Palate I realized that there are many times when I just take the fact that I CAN smile for granted.  Then I try to imagine having that gift taken away from me... it makes me sad to even think about it.

The kids need your help.  I hope you'll consider helping Emily reach and maybe even exceed her goals.  It doesn't matter how much you give, show your support any way you can, share her site with your friends and on your FaceBook page.

Imagine, for one moment, how that child will feel once he or she is able to smile! Just Imagine!

Thank You!!

(Proud Mommy)

If you missed the links above click here to be directed to her page:

To learn more about the Smile Train organization, read the blog, see more before and after happy pictures click here:  SMILETRAIN