Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Life IS what?

I have been reading a self-help book by Loretta LaRoche called "Life Is Short--Wear Your Party Pants" and once again, a year later, I decided to give it a second chance.  The first time around I focused on the humor in this book and thought that there were many usable ideas that I could apply in my own life but I didn't, just laughed at the sense of humor the author clearly uses to keep the reader engaged. She's hillarious!

I started reading it again this week and this time I am really listening and trying to apply the advise given to my own life.  Chapter one I have read several times and I keep going back to one key point:

"An Amazing Life Requires Resilience"

This section talks about stress and points the amount of time we spend trying to find cures to our stress then just living in the moment and embracing the stress we have.  I realized how often I spend my time venting to a friend or reading about ways to get rid of my stressors.  Then I read this:

"Stress isn't something to try to disguise or eradicate. Stress is a signal.  When you learn to recognize it and work with it, instead of against it, you can learn a lot about what to do to be happier and healthier. Stress is a actually a blessing that can help you realize when you need to make changes in your life." (LaRoche, pg. 2)

Well I listened and made some changes.  One of my many stressors was our morning routine.  The kids waking up late, lunches, breakfast, book bags, laundry, all happening in the morning, within that one hour we should be spending getting ready and eating breakfast and making sure we're catching the bus on time.  I can't get rid of the kids (or can I?), I'm kidding, I love that they are part of my stress but I can teach them to prepare the night before and spend a little more time immediately after dinner getting ready for the next day.  Did all that for one week and our mornings were actually pleasant.  We gained so much time that now Nat has time to take Honey for a 20 minute walk and still manage to catch the bus and get to school on time.

Michael and I have time for a short chat before heading to work, there's time to consider what to make for dinner, there's time to sip a cup of coffee.

I agree with Ms. LaRoche and I'm glad she reminded me to embrace my stress; to Say YES to Stress!

Until next time,