Saturday, April 2, 2011

Finding my inner light

I have been looking for inspiration to write in all the wrong places.

A couple of years ago I started writing in this blog and a few others. Reading what others had to say and what was written in books and magazines.

I enjoy reading and writing.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts and maybe, just maybe, helping someone else see their inner light.

Most times, someone would stop by my blog and leave a note which sparked more light in me.  So what happened? I moved to Cuba and suddenly I don't feel a thing?  I really don't know.

I often go through the day with a million and one ideas and thoughts and stories to tell.  But then life happens and time slips by and before you know I have too much to tell and no time to write or think or process what I want to say.

Fortunately, I'm still on a quest to be happy every day.  I still manage to laugh at ME and sometimes at others.  Everyday when the sun goes down I watch it slowly hide behind the mountains and I realize that I am blessed.  The same thing happens when the sun comes up, when the moon is right overhead, when the waves wash my feet, when I spot a hummingbird or a butterfly, you get the idea.

As for finding my inner light, just today I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Jungle of Life, and was once again reminded of three very important things in the post New Rules for Life -Thanks Lance!

Reclaim your life.
Create your own rules.
Don't let this amazing human experience slip away…
Reclaiming my life.  Not letting chores keep me from doing what I love to do and being who I want to be.
Creating my rules. Definitely... working on this!
This amazing human experience? Living it one moment at a time.
Now you should go do the same.