Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Travels

"I-95 Winter Day"

For the past three years we have been traveling across the seas to see family during the holidays and whether we go across the sea or across state lines I always ask myself why am I doing this again? I will not be traveling over the holidays anymore. I'm done! It's tiring, frustrating, the car becomes a huge mess, we have to worry about the pets, the kids have to leave their new toys behind, I mean, it's just a real pain in the neck, literally, all that driving and uncomfortable sleeping...ugh!

But each time, when it's all said and done, we're glad we did it. It's a family thing.  We don't want to deal with the inconveniences of winter travels but we want to see family. We want to be close and feel the warmth of each others company.  We feel blessed that we have the opportunity, the possibilities, and the people to go visit, many do not or can not.

I am thankful that we are able to travel and that we have places to stay and that we can see our family, even if only for a little while, during the holidays. I hope to visit more often through the year and then maybe we wont feel so guilty not traveling during the busiest time of year.

I'd like to wish everyone a new year filled with promises fulfilled, hope and dreams attained, and relationships built or rebuilt. May you all get exactly what you, happiness, and love!

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams" ~ Thoreau

Let's talk next year ;-)


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Outdoor Wednesday - Signs of Fall

I'm holding on to the fall season until I absolutely have to move on... enjoy the photos!

"Crab apples"

"Wild Berries"

"Evening Sun"

"Praying Manthis"

"Autumn colors"

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Blue Monday: Art by William Crute

I am not an artist, nor do I know much about mediums and styles and all that, but I can tell you how I feel when I look at certain artistic works.  My daughter Em has the gift, though she may not agree and she is her own worst critic, she can just paint or draw something and before you know it it's done and she will claim it's not at all good, while I sit in awe and wonder "who is this child?"  Anyway, this is not about her works, I will talk about her another time because I have much to show off, since she wont :-)

This post is about the works of my friend, William Crute.  I have yet to own any of his works probably because I can't make up my mind, but I do admire them via his online gallery. Someday I plan to visit his live studio and it wont be difficult for me to find the one that fits perfectly over my couch in the "reading room."

For now, I would like to share some of his works with everyone out there  because I think he has an amazing way of capturing the little details that we miss.  There's so much to truly admire when we look at water, the rocks in the water, the ripples, the stars, every leaf and twig. But we don't. We generally look at the entire picture and embrace it for what it is in the moment.  We are in too much of a rush to appreciate the little things.

Bill, somehow, captures all those little things.  When I look at one of his paintings I can almost hear the stillness, the shuffling of the grass dancing in the wind or the ripples in the water as it pushes toward the shoreline.  When I look at some of his works I mentally relax and go to a more peaceful place.  I begin to see the little things that matter so much.  Apply this appreciation to everyday life and you could easily walk away feeling happier and more satisfied about life in general.

Take a look around, I hope you'll enjoy his works as well.  Here is a preview of his latest work, but feel free to visit his website, share with other art lovers and if you want to purchase a piece, contact him directly through the site contact page.

"Seagulls Joy"

"The Day Begins"

Click here to visit the gallery --->William Crute Art Gallery

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