Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blue Monday: What makes me happy

Because I suffer from "lack of sunlight syndrome" I sometimes spend a little time each gloomy day looking at things that make me happy and brighten my day.  Sometimes it works just to enough to help me refocus...

This is Delaware.  It's pretty and it's cold. It is entirely too flat for me but you can't beat that beautiful sky and bright day.

I spent some time transforming my "get-away" room aka the guest room in our new house from gloom to cheer.  It's a work in progress.  Can't wait for the finishing touches.

My little man sitting in front of what could be his future college.  Mary Washington U. waiting for his older sister.  Must be laundry week ;-) But what beautiful day.

Oh, hello there Sun. Thanks for gracing us with your warm presence! Wont you stay a while?

Of course, flowers. This is a true sign of spring and good things to come.  I can't wait to grow my own.

Even after a "snow storm" which left us with a whopping 1/2" on the ground, it is nice to see the sun setting behind the trees.  

OK. I'm ready for another day. Come on winter... bring it!

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Have a fantastic week everyone. Stay Happy!!