Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Life IS what?

I have been reading a self-help book by Loretta LaRoche called "Life Is Short--Wear Your Party Pants" and once again, a year later, I decided to give it a second chance.  The first time around I focused on the humor in this book and thought that there were many usable ideas that I could apply in my own life but I didn't, just laughed at the sense of humor the author clearly uses to keep the reader engaged. She's hillarious!

I started reading it again this week and this time I am really listening and trying to apply the advise given to my own life.  Chapter one I have read several times and I keep going back to one key point:

"An Amazing Life Requires Resilience"

This section talks about stress and points the amount of time we spend trying to find cures to our stress then just living in the moment and embracing the stress we have.  I realized how often I spend my time venting to a friend or reading about ways to get rid of my stressors.  Then I read this:

"Stress isn't something to try to disguise or eradicate. Stress is a signal.  When you learn to recognize it and work with it, instead of against it, you can learn a lot about what to do to be happier and healthier. Stress is a actually a blessing that can help you realize when you need to make changes in your life." (LaRoche, pg. 2)

Well I listened and made some changes.  One of my many stressors was our morning routine.  The kids waking up late, lunches, breakfast, book bags, laundry, all happening in the morning, within that one hour we should be spending getting ready and eating breakfast and making sure we're catching the bus on time.  I can't get rid of the kids (or can I?), I'm kidding, I love that they are part of my stress but I can teach them to prepare the night before and spend a little more time immediately after dinner getting ready for the next day.  Did all that for one week and our mornings were actually pleasant.  We gained so much time that now Nat has time to take Honey for a 20 minute walk and still manage to catch the bus and get to school on time.

Michael and I have time for a short chat before heading to work, there's time to consider what to make for dinner, there's time to sip a cup of coffee.

I agree with Ms. LaRoche and I'm glad she reminded me to embrace my stress; to Say YES to Stress!

Until next time,


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Heart aches of a mom

Today I woke up with really mixed up feelings about a lot of things.  First off I wondered if I hurt anyone's feelings this week.  My circle of friends is important to me and the last thing I want to do is hurt them but sometimes we protect our heart so much that it is inevitable to hurt others, unknowingly.  If I did, I hope they'll forgive me, my heart is a little achy these days.  I'll explain why.

I recall how I felt a few years ago when my eldest child, my son, graduated High School.  Not only did I have to turn him lose into a brave new world but I was also leaving the country and losing my ability to be there for the occasional hug, lunch, movie, visits home, and the all too common, mom here's my laundry during school breaks.  Family members got to that instead and while I'm grateful, I am also saddened because it wasn't me.

I have helped in so many ways and I know he appreciates every thing and every penny but it's just not the same as being able to physically visit and give him a hug when he needs one.

This week he moved out of the dorm and into his own apartment, which he shares with a couple of students from school.  A huge move but he did it all on his own, with a little guidance from mom and dad.  Again, living in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba has offered a lot of different things to do and a different lifestyle but it has stripped me of the ability to get up and go hug my kid.  My husband service to our country is certainly full of surprises.  But it is this service, his and mine, that helped my son become so well rounded and brave.  Leaving his comfort zone is scary but not an issue and I am proud of him for taking this huge step.

Still here I sit in the only gated Navy Housing community in the world, surrounded by the most beautiful coral reefs, amazing view of the bay, great friends, a supporting husband and three other children to mold and still my heart aches for the one I can't reach. I'll be fine and he will too but I wont deny myself the occasional sadness or tears that come when I miss my children.

For now I guess I'll have to settle for the occasional phone call, email, and instant messages and he'll have to get my hugs in the way of gifts for his new place, like food.  I know he'll make the right choices so I have already arranged for him to visit his local Farmers Market and Trader Joe's to pick up the foods we used to enjoy together before the big move.

Can't wait to see you this summer Josh! You are doing a great job! You will be fine, as will I.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Finding my inner light

I have been looking for inspiration to write in all the wrong places.

A couple of years ago I started writing in this blog and a few others. Reading what others had to say and what was written in books and magazines.

I enjoy reading and writing.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts and maybe, just maybe, helping someone else see their inner light.

Most times, someone would stop by my blog and leave a note which sparked more light in me.  So what happened? I moved to Cuba and suddenly I don't feel a thing?  I really don't know.

I often go through the day with a million and one ideas and thoughts and stories to tell.  But then life happens and time slips by and before you know I have too much to tell and no time to write or think or process what I want to say.

Fortunately, I'm still on a quest to be happy every day.  I still manage to laugh at ME and sometimes at others.  Everyday when the sun goes down I watch it slowly hide behind the mountains and I realize that I am blessed.  The same thing happens when the sun comes up, when the moon is right overhead, when the waves wash my feet, when I spot a hummingbird or a butterfly, you get the idea.

As for finding my inner light, just today I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Jungle of Life, and was once again reminded of three very important things in the post New Rules for Life -Thanks Lance!

Reclaim your life.
Create your own rules.
Don't let this amazing human experience slip away…
Reclaiming my life.  Not letting chores keep me from doing what I love to do and being who I want to be.
Creating my rules. Definitely... working on this!
This amazing human experience? Living it one moment at a time.
Now you should go do the same.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Blue Monday: Fishing Tournament

Ready, set, go!

The Seabees hosted a fishing tournament on Guantanamo Bay and they could not have picked a more perfect day. The skies were blue, the water cool and calm, the air was just right. Men, women and children signed up for the event and all were ready for take off at 0630, pretty early.

The winner, Jon and his kids, brought in a 38 lb Barracuda, while many have caught bigger fish, today this was the biggest. The report from all participants was that it was a perfect day and a great time for everyone.

As for me, I just love the opportunity to star my day in such a beautiful place.

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