Wednesday, October 9, 2013

She left my nest

My first born girl left the nest for the first time last August, when we dropped her off at school and she disappeared into the crowd.  We were confused because all the new kids went into the auditorium and the parents went through some other door to sit and listen to the multiple welcome speeches that followed. Then the kids were dismissed into group sessions and parents were just dismissed. WOW! Don't I get a hug good bye :-(

We texted each other. She was so happy and we were so proud of her and happy that she was happy.  But a little sad too.  After all, she was the second out our four kids to leave the nest.  On the bright side, I know she's safe and happy.

Our little Em has challenged my patience and had me questioning my parenting skills.  I think that's supposed to happen at some point in our lives with at least one of our kids... I have four.

But most important she has managed to make us laugh when we least wanted to laugh. She's a natural artist with a smile that makes everyone smile back.  She loves funny movies, sitcoms, and good books. She has a big heart and a genuine love for those around her. When she makes a friend, she's a friend for life.

I have to admit that it was a lot harder dropping her off this year as she begins her second year of college. She spent her summer at home, worked three jobs, spent quality time with her dad and siblings, met up with some friends, and occasionally forced me to watch her favorite shows because she thought we needed to laugh together. Yes, in the end I did.

Now we are settling into our new home, getting the second set of kids adjusted back in school and really missing both our older kids as they make their new lives without mom and dad.  Well, physically, trust me, they both call or text enough to stay very active in our lives... THAT is something a truly treasure!

Can't wait to see what this year brings! We will be seeing them both again soon and spending more quality time with our first two treasures.  I can't wait! Love my Em and I really, really miss being forced to watch funny shows or listen to her retelling that last book she read.

A great weekend is just ahead!!