Monday, July 4, 2016

Blue Monday: Summer Fun

Rainy days in the summer can be a little challenging if you are not prepared with crafts or games that will take the kiddos away from electronics.  Don't get me wrong, they get their share of TV/Video/Computer time and it's not all games. 

I've managed to establish some learning time before any playtime can be had. YES I KNOW, I'M SO MEAN.  Just a little reading, practice music, online education via Kahn Academy and other learning sites and of course chores.  But all that takes a short amount of time and it is broken up into chunks throughout the day.
 Besides electronics and board games, we work on some crafty things - playdoh, art, build a fort, cooking, cleaning.... oh wait, cleaning doesn't count.  

This week I bought a 3 in 1 game of Ladderball, Bean Bag Toss, and Washer Toss.  The game came in what felt like a million pieces with instructions that only showed pictures in black and white and numbers which did not necessarily match the pieces. Yay me! This hurt my brain, then I got the idea that I needed to "hire" my little scientist to help put it together.  Ninety minutes later and we were done and with no energy to play, Ha!!  However, when the rain came we had a game we could play in the patio or the playroom without breaking any windows or putting holes in the walls.

Having fun in the summer can be exhausting, but it is worth it to go out and explore and see what's behind that tree or down that little narrow path...well sometimes, because on this narrow path we found thousands of baby crabs all running from us and all the while we were afraid to step anywhere for fear of crushing them.  Short stroll through the marshland during low tide to discover a crab habitat.

Greatest invention ever, right here.  I know, it's not reusable BUT they claim to be made from recycled plastic and it is biodegradable so it goes in the recycle bin.  Water balloons are so much fun to play with but after the fun is over, no one wants to pick up the pieces of latex left behind.  These are said to decompose over a short period of time.  I should really put that to the test.  Either way, we need to have these for a teen birthday party and filling them up took all of 2 minutes...400 balloons in 2 minutes!!

Tandem bike rides with this little guy was a lot of fun.  We made a few stops along the way to discover new critters living by the water and interesting plant life.  This is less stressful for me and more fun for both than him riding on his own bike.

A day of summer fun has to end with a cool, refreshing beverage for me.  This pinot was light and perfect to sip while recovering from a day of fun adventures.

Looking forward to more creative summer days filled with discovery and fun.

Celebrate your independence, we are lucky to have it.

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In honor of Smiling Sally