Monday, December 26, 2016

A quick moment to share - Blue Monday

WOW what a year.  I have been busy teaching classes at the local gyms, keeping up with the kids, the house, and life in general.  Some sad news but mostly it's all good. The fact that I am busy with things and people I have in my life is truly a blessing.  If I could vent on my blog once a week next year that would be awesome. We shall see.

So since it's Monday I'll start by sharing some blues in honor of our friend Sally who so loved the blue. Rest in peace Sally. Blue Monday is now hosted at The Backyard Neighbor.

My daughter and I were having a discussion in the car and she mentioned her love of Octopus. She's very artistic so doing this for her was way out of the box for me but I wanted her to know I was listening and wanted her to have something no one else had.  She LOVED that I did this and loved my painting.  Brought tears to my eyes and hers.

My little guy loves Lego's. He was so excited to get this Mega Truck Light-up Laser Peg kit. He assembled it and disassembled it only to do it all over again. Best part, he can use it with his existing Lego toys. Win-win on this toy from his Aunt.

Here we have my dad surrounded by people who care for him everyday.  He lives in the Dominican Republic and these people are my family. They are with him all day everyday and keep him company when I can't be there.  I am blessed to have them in our lives.  He is happy to be able to live in his home.

Lastly, my mom.  She was my heart and gave me so much love.  She was an amazing mom who always thought of others first. Selflessly gave more than she took and raised us to be loving, caring, and grateful for all we had. She left this earth to join the angels in heaven this past August.  She did not suffer, she was happy until the last moment.  But we miss her laughter, her singing in the garden or in the kitchen. We miss her welcoming smiles and of course her cooking.  I love my mom and I miss her with all my heart. I feel her arms around me everyday.

I wish everyone a happy new year. Please be safe out there and trust that you will have another year full of love, laughter, and happiness.  Have faith in your journey.