Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Monday...time to FLY

OK so it's Monday and I decided that my Monday's were going to be happy days.  Too many times we wake up saying "oh I can't believe it's Monday already"--well why not, it was Sunday just yesterday.

I will not let any negative people ruin my days because I am, after all, very thankful for every day that I get to be in this world, with my beautiful family.  I decided a few weeks ago to join the FlyLadies in an effort to get my house under control again. I, unfortuantely, have the habit of going all out when I start working on something and before you know it I'm overwhelmed with projects and clsoets that appeared to have thrown up into my floors.

FlyLady is trying to teach me to to take baby steps and that is so hard for me to sometimes but I'm trying.  I love having a list of things to do so I can check off what I've done as I go.  That's always a good feeling, knowing that you've accomplished something in a day of hard work, better yet, seeing it all on paper makes it easier to organize.

Following a morning and evening routine and keeping my sink clean has been a really huge help for me and now starting to work on the zones and mini missions doesn't seem so overwhelming.  I do need to work on letting go when the time is up.  My house feels fresh and clean, now I can tackle my closet and under the sink cabinets this week.  Where does all that crap come from anyway...geezz!

Here's to keeping a healthy, happy home on this blessed day!! Have a wonderful Monday everone.


  1. I love MONDAYS!!! I sincerely do. You stay positive and I'm here to see if you've taken your steps and "flew" today. So, what did you get accomplished?

  2. Oh yeah...I was flying but not in my house. I didn't take into consideration how much I had to do outside of the house...Ouch.