Friday, April 3, 2009

Falling behind --just rambling

It seems that there's never enough time to do all the thing we want to do but I am determined to change that because I value my health and my time with my family.  Sometimes we get in this rut of doing the same thing everyday and getting busy with chores, homework, work, etc. that we end up not doing anything just for fun...ugh.  

In my country (Dominican Republic) the 15th birthday is like the 16th here in the U.S.  They are called Quinceañera (kin-se-a-ngiera), best I can do with the pronouciation.  Generally the party is more like a wedding then a birthday.  There are nicely dressed ushers and girls that look like brides maids and the birthday girl is dressed in a beautiful white dress with a tiara on her head.  They usually have a ceremony at a church or the priest comes to the house where the young girl and the family is blessed.  It's like a right of passage.  After all that the party begins and it's like a prom.  They spend a lot of money on the girl and her event.  We're not doing all that.  

This weekend is my daughter's 15th birthday and we are hosting a surprise birthday party for her on Saturday.  Somehow I have managed to keep it a secret with some close calls.  I haven't ordered the balloons or the cake; I want to have something to give her guests as they leave and I haven't bought her present yet. I found out that they have a 1/2 day at school today which might make things easier since I can leave without the younger kids and get more done in two hours than I have all week, so this could be a good thing.  While she may not have a "quinceanera" like party, I know she will have a great time with her friends.

The there's my reading time.  I have to read early in the morning because the day is full of kids, work, chores, noise, and by night time I'm done.  Last night I read 1 page three times then I decided it was time to call it quits.  I am making progress with my first book and I think I'll pick up momentum once my new habit of reading early in the morning kicks in.

Next week, hubby and I are going on a mini vacation to visit the Biltmore Estates.  We rarely do anything together without the kids anymore.  The initial plan was for all of us to go but my teen boy has to work, my teen girl would rather spend that time with her friends, and traveling with little kids to go see a house is just no fun.  My teen son suggested we go alone.  WOW, what a concept!  So I made reservations at a hotel that offers a sweet package deal - we get the hotel, breakfast, lunch at the estates, a pass to visit all day the first day and the next day, and some other cool amenities.  I'm excited!!  Hey if you've been there, besides the estates, is there anything in particular we should see, do or a good place to eat, let me know :-)

Well, I'm done rambling for today.  I might participate in some foodie Friday fun if I can remember to take pictures later.  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! How exciting. I do know what a Quinceniera (sp?) is and have been a quite a few in my lifetime. It's a "coming out" party of sorts :0)
    Wooo! A trip with out the kids sounds wonderful and romantic. I know you will have a great time. My hubby and I manage to get in one a year without kids and sometimes more if we're lucky. Have adult kids to watch the younger ones, sure works out. Have a "couple" trip will be such a wonderful time for you and your dear hubby to reconnect, enjoy each other and just focus on each other. I find when my hubby and I have our trips, that I'm reminded of all the little things I fell in love with...sometimes those get lost in every day life and it's stresses.
    Enjoy yourself, take lots of pictures to share too!

  2. Good morning Yira ... I, for one, enjoyed your ramblings today. Have a wonderful birthday celebration - daughters are so precious.