Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cheese Tostellini, Red Sauce and a Toddler=a mess

Can I just say how cute he is! Okay so I am the mommy and what else would a mommy say about her little bear but come one, look at that face all smeared with pasta sauce, you have to admit, he's trying to stay out of troube by flapping his eye lashes at me.

So we were having chicken parmesan with a pesto tortellini pasta two nights ago and it was, oh my, delicious. I honestly did not expect my kids to eat the pasta because of the cheese and basic mix wrapped inside them. I was almost tempted to make a batch of just plain pasta for them but I just decided not to and just didn't bother to mention what was inside the tortellini. Funny thing is, my two youngest ate every bit and then some, they ate more then everyone else.

Since my little bear here was still eating without making a huge mess I decided to start on the dishes, and that's when he decided to do this:

He was even kind enough to point it out to me, he didn't want me to miss a bit of his big mess. Such a sweetheart! Just before this mess they were outside getting wet in the sprinkler which was great because they were clean--obviouly not for long.

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