Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Embrace life - seize the moment

Sometimes little things happen that we just completely miss because we're all too busy to take a moment to notice the beautiful things in life.  I often find myself too busy to eat healthy, too busy to play with my toddler, too busy to do homework (that's never a good thing), worst is when I'm too busy to just be and really enjoy every moment in life with and without the kids.

I visited Dayne at TheHappySelf.com yesterday and here is what I first read:

"Everyday you are surrounded by sheer beauty.
The question is, are you feeling it, are you aware of it…or are you too busy in your mind?
The beauty could be in the form of a rising sun, the sound of your child’s laugh, the flowing steam off a fresh morning coffee, or that beautiful and coy smile from a stranger on your way to work."
His words made me think, a lot about the things I miss because I need to finish the dishes or vacuum the living room.  I realized that life is not in a clean room or in an empty sink (although it is good to clean those things).  I read on to learn that beauty is not something we see or feel, instead it is something we experience, it is invisible and undetectable, as Day explains.
I encourage you to visit his blog to read more about the 5 Most Beautiful Things in Life that are Invisible

As for seizing the moment, here's a photo of a fine example of something I would have missed.  Instead I ended up laughing my butt off...check it out.

My poor kitty, Tiger.  The toddler said he had to feed the cat so I didn't give it a second thought.  He came in and out of the kitchen several times, the last time he had a tissue in his hands, which he said was "to clean the kitty cat" and I though "oh no cat throw up...eewww."  So I came into the living room to find this..the cat wearing a bib and the toddler feeding her with a spoon.  It was hillarious!  I had to laugh.  The cat is looking at me as if to say "are you really going to allow this to go on? This is wrong, really wrong!"


  1. Oh that precious toddler! What a great story. I too laughed... Tiger is definitely saying You've GOT to be kidding! Hahaha!

    Thanks for the healthy chuckle.

  2. That is hilarious.... oh my.... I could only imagine the look on Jonathans face when he was explaining himself... how cute.