Thursday, November 5, 2009


Blog-4-Cause is an amazing e-book compiled by Joanna Sutter from Fitness & Spice and Lance Ekum from Jungle of Life.  It consists of a collection of more than 150 bloggers from around the world writing and racing for a the cure.

Lance explains:
 "Every one of these writers has contributed a favorite article to this e-book, creating a wonderful collection of stories.  Stories of inspiration, personal growth, fitness, food, humor, and more. 

Please visit the Susan G. Komen Blog-4-Cause website to learn how you can support the mission to end breast cancer.  In addition, you'll find information on how to recieve this Blog-4-Cause E-book, our gift to you.  A bonus e-book, from author and life coach Tim Brownson, is included as well."

I am excited to have been one of the bloggers to participate in this great cause (check out page 176), I hope you too will join me and many others in the race for a cure, because there is strength in numbers!


  1. Terie,
    Thank you, very deeply, for all your wonderful and giving support of this e-book! You are a sweet, sweet soul....

  2. There is indeed strength in numbers. Congrats and thanks for contributing to this book, the more our voices are heard the more progress we can make.