Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanks-giving... just do it!

My favorite time of year is this... the leaves are falling, the colors are amazing, there's an air of gratitude in the crisp, cold air.

The best part of this holiday is that you can't mistake for anything more than what it really is... a time to give thanks, that's it.  No gifts, no questions about being good or bad, simply a time to be with family and reflect on the beautiful things life has to offer.

It's a time to be in the moment and enjoy natures bounty, alone or in the company of those we love.

If there was ever a doubt about what you should be thankful for, start by taking one deep breath and be thankful for that, and then, go from there.

I am thankful for the air we breath, the life we live, the freedom we have, my husband for being so supportive and for being a great dad, my kids, my much to be thankful for, the list is endless.

Thank you fellow bloggers for being a part of my community.  You are my internet neighbors :-)

Enjoy today!

Thank You!

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