Monday, November 9, 2009

Blue Monday - a walk in the park

Oh how glorious it is to walk in the park and see the gifts given to us each and everyday with such little demands.   

Sometimes we have to just stop, be still, and see the beauty in nature. Turn your face to the sun and feel it caressing your skin.  Understanding how or why is not important, just be in the moment.

Blue Monday is hosted by Smiling Sally.  Visit her blog to see what other participants have to offer. It's fun!


  1. I love your pictures, surely was a very nice walk while watching beautiful geese and sun

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the walk through the park. Your photos are gorgeous and the next best thing to being there. I hope you are having a wonderful Blue Monday.

  3. How peaceful. Happy Blue Monday to you, Yira!

  4. Hi Sweetie! Your photos are gorgeous! I love that cute goose! Yes, it's so nice to just be still, and soak up a bit of Mother Nature's loveliness...It's a very good thing! Hugs, Paulette ;)

  5. Beautiful fall pictures! Hope you are having a great Blue Monday and have a wonderful week! Sherri : )

  6. Hello Yira, thank you for your visit yesterday. I am finally getting around to visiting everyone. Yes, we do love our puppy. She is such a good girl at only 8 weeks. Thank you for your sweet comment.

    Your post is beautiful and you are right, the beautiful outdoors asks nothing of us. It is ours to admire and receive the beauty into our hearts. Your photos are terrific as well.

    Hugs, Jeann