Thursday, May 29, 2008

When are we moving, where are going?

It is truly amazing how much we get in the habit of moving every 2 years that before the time is up we start to ask those questions again. We have been stationed in South Carolina, Mississippi, Hawaii, California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and we hit Virginia twice. This last time we were fortunate enough to stay in one place four years, giving my older son the privilege of attending the same high school. This is a blessing on so many levels because he was able to realize his goal, what he wants to do, he was introduced to very influential people who have helped him to developed into the great, talented young man he is today.

However, the kids know that we are moving and it's inevitable so the questions are coming in waves, mostly from my 14 year old. She wants to visit Europe almost as bad as I do and daddy said he would try his best but no promises. We wont know until later in the summer where we will be moving to next year so we sit and wait and hope I guess. Regardless of how we felt about moving each time, you know leaving good friends and fear of the unknown, new schools, new cultures, etc., we have always made great friends and great memories. I'm sure this next time will be more of the same good stuff.

We are excited to get the news so we can start planning and preparing. For now we have to do as much as we can with our friends and build many more happy memories. Someday I'll find that time to make scrapbooks or online journals to display our 20++ year long adventure.

Going to the gym now!! Ciao!


  1. WOW, It sounds so exciting to be able to go to all these exciting places you go and then on the other hand having to leave behind all you have gotten close to well, I guess it can be bitter sweet at times.

    Secondly thank you so much for your message it meant so much to me. Yes at times it is hard to deal with but overall I am very blessed and honored to now be the one to take care of her as she did for me.

    Oh yes, I hope you all make it to Europe and good luck on your move and God bless.

  2. I hope everything been going well for you. Cheers!