Saturday, May 31, 2008

Finding "ME" time

As always, I got up early today hoping to just be in the moment of the morning. That never seems to work for me, do my kids have a "mom's up" alarm? One kid was going to a school concert at the amusement park in which he will be participating, the other got up just because I was and the baby, well, babies never really sleep in. I had to devise a plan so I could refocus, get a workout and accomplish something all in one. Hey the lawn needs a clippin'.

I armed myself with my daughters iPod Nano, comfy shoes and went for a long walk...up and down my back yard. Yes I was cutting my grass with my push mower because my really smart hubby thought it would be cheaper than a self propelled mower. I'm thinking he didn't think he would be using it much since we do have 2 teen age kids in the house. He was wrong.'s a good thing our yard is pretty flat and not too big.

Although I was listening to young teen music, hip-hop, country, etc. and working hard to put the mower into a forward motion, I have to say that I did enjoy my time with "me." During this time I learned:

*that my daughter listens to really nice music,
*that I don't have to go in a straight line because in the end it really doesn't matter,
*that turning a mower in tight corners is a real pain,
*that even though it was loud, I was able to get lost in my own thoughts,
*that if I can't find a little peace in the quietness of my own home, I can definitely find peace in the noise of an iPod and my mower.

Apparently, while I was out there, three of my kids and my husband attempted to get my attention and ask me questions. I never heard a thing so they left me alone. It was a great 45 minute break for me and an awesome workout too.

Now I have the energy to dedicate to the kids and I wont feel guilty about spending the rest of the day lounging around with the family.

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