Monday, May 26, 2008

A perfect morning

Today is Monday, Memorial Day to be exact. I got up early, as always, to take full advantage of my morning before the chaos begins. It was absolutely glorious to sit out back with my coffee, my laptop and nature's elements-wind, birds chirping, flowers blooming, and my chime making comforting sounds of joy. I truly enjoyed this time alone and gave me the strength, vitality, patience, and endurance to take on the day.

I know it's hard for people to make time and sometimes, hard as we try, we can't do this every day which in a way is truly OK because on the days that we do spend time alone we can really appreciate and enjoy every single minute.

I generally advice people around me to find a few minutes for themselves, a little time each day to refocus, set some goals, write some lists to stay on top of all the little to-do's that tend to clog up our thoughts--I need to follow my own advice more often because it really is so amazing how much we get done when we take time to do nothing at all.

I have my schedule for the week, my to do list for tomorrow and a potential menu to get me started. I hope everyone takes a few minutes to take back the control we so easily give up to our families. I know on this early morning peace I found in my back yard, I have!

What do you do to stay in control and find peace in your busy life?

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