Monday, February 2, 2009

Blue Monday

It's Blue Monday -- go see Smiling Sally to participate and to visit other participants.  

I want so much to participate, visit blogs, learn, share, comment but my laptop is moving at snails pace and my PC is in the shop.  I hope to get them both fixed soon. I admit I'm having blogging withdraw.  Fortunately I was able to wait for my programs to load this morning and so here I am.

This picture was my contribution to my Astronomy Class.  I love the idea that I can look into the sky and actually recognize what I see.  I'm still learning a lot and trying to find an area with little or no light so that seeing the stars is not so difficult.  

This is also my contribution to Blue Moday which I read about on the Walnuthaven Cottage who read about at Smiling Sally.  Go check them out, they have some really great blues to show off and take a moment to visit the other blogs who participated today. This is fun!

My favorite part of this class is taking my 6 yo little girl out with me and helping her see what I see and identity planets, starts and some shooting stars as well.  

I hope to be online contributing more soon...I really miss my time with fellow bloggers but first I must get my computer back to health.

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