Monday, February 23, 2009

Venting about store clerk

Today I went to the pharmacy to pick up a few items I needed and ended with a pretty high bill.  Well, I looked at everything I needed and there was nothing I could put back that I wasn't going to pick up later somewhere else.

As I waited in line I noticed the young clerk making comments about whatever it was the person was buying and then engaging in conversation about how it was on sale last week and he should have come then, etc...

I thought--fine time to tell him and does she feel better now that he knows he paid twice as much for that items.  He obviously needs it or he would not be buying it so let the man go.

Next in line was a lady buying hair products.  The clerk had to make a comment about that too. "oh this was on sale this past weekend, buy one-get one 1/2 off," she said.  The lady looked at her and said "I wish I had known, oh well."  Again, she obviously could care less and maybe she will look in the paper next time, I don't know, who knows.  She was buying the stuff anyway.  The clerk proceeded to tell her that she once used this shampoo and conditioner and it stripped her hair and the mouse left her scalp dry and made it look like dandruff.  The lady replied with, "that's too bad, I've been using these product for a while and never had a problem." Hint Hint girly, mind your own business.

I surveyed what I was buying in anticipation of her comments: PMS relief, eye drops, rewetting drops, vitamins, diapers, wipes among other small items.  Surely she can't make many comments on my purchase.  She rings everything up and gives me my total then says "oh my God, what did you buy?!!"  She was too ignorant to see the daggers coming from my eyes to hers so she continued to comment while I scanned my card, "geezz Louise, I would rather deal with my dry eyes and bad mood then pay all that..ha ha..ha!" I failed to see the humor and her little attitude was really getting on my nerves.

As I was leaving I just said this:  "You're too young to understand what is like to provide for a family of six.  You're lucky you only have to spend money on yourself."  I smiled kindly, no really, I was kind.  I left the store thinking, what right does she have to question what I spend or how much I buy or even why.  That is not her business and she should really focus on providing good customer service and not on making comments about what people buy.

My guess is she's having financial troubles and sees everyone else spending money on something she either can't or wouldn't purchase.  I don't have a full time job and I do have to be thrifty but there are some things you need to have or WANT and if you can afford to get it then by all means, go for it!!

Enough ranting, now I'm going to have a nice day not feeling moody or bloated! :-)  I sure wish I had some Oreo cookies right about now.


  1. I would be a little irked at that. She really should mind her own business and not make so many comments. I hate to say it but she probably will find herself out of a job if she keeps that up. It totally reminds me of a skit on Saturday night live! Did you ever see it? They have a new skit with a lady who works at Target, and she comments on what everyone buys!

  2. Sounds like she's never been trained to give proper and appropriate customer service. bah!
    Hope your day was a great one...

  3. @ Sue I know the skit very well and laughed by bum off on that one. It's the same girl that plays my favorite character Penelope.

    @ Rochelle, you are right, she will get someone a bit upset one of these days and they'll either tell her off or tell her boss.