Monday, February 9, 2009

Blue me...ugh!

I'm Feeling blue :-(

It could be stress, exhaustion, lack of sleep, having zero control over certain life changing events, who knows but the only thing blue here is me. It's not PMS, at least I don't think so but I need to find my trusted friend and discuss my feelings or I need to call a professional to help me put things into perspective.

I'm so out of it and out of touch from all my blogger friends---maybe that's at the root my issues and how I feel..ha ha!! But seriously, it's been a rough couple of weeks now I need to recover.

Anyway, I will look for the silver lining and know that everyday brings a new sunrise and with it a new day to be thankful for.

My blessings go out to everyone. I will let myself feel what I feel, I will let myself cry and then I will work in some happy hormones with a hard core Spinning workout at noon!!

I'm sure you'll find happier blues at Smiling Sally's blog and host of Blue Monday - go take a look.

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