Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where are we going? nobody knows!

Our time here is quickly approaching it's end as we await another set of military orders.  Basically a long encrypted message that tell us where we will be moving to next.  While in the past we've had the privilege of having 6-9 months notice, this time around things have been a little stressful, confusing, crazy to say the least.  We have lots to worry about when preparing for a move, like sell or rent the house; getting a passport updated, medical records, school records, what to pack and what to throw away.....ugh, the list goes on.

It is my job to keep things positive in my houses.  I have a teen going to collage and a teen having her own set of issues about leaving her friends.  They don't need me falling apart so I have to be strong, at least when they're around.

Quite frankly, I don't see our current home as a permanent location so I'm ready for the change, although I will miss all my friends, my job at the gym, our house we've grown to love.  However, everywhere we go we manage to not only keep our old friends close to our hearts (love the Internet) but we make new friends and form new relationships with wonderful people.  We learn to live within other cultures and that is a huge plus for us all.  

The hardest part of the move is right now, not knowing where we're going.  Is it over seas or across the country? What is the climate? Will we have to live off base or is base housing an option? What is the quality of the local schools?  Obviously, I can't do anything until I get the stack of papers with my husband's name, reporting date and location on it.  So I patiently wait knowing that we are definitely moving and hopefully soon we'll know the location of our next adventure in the military.

{{sigh}} I know we'll love it and enjoy it as much as we have every place we've visited in the last 20 years :-)

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