Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blue Monday - my Kids

"... and then thee were three"

I have to admit that while I love, love, love each of them as individuals, I find myself really, really missing my oldest child a lot. I need to get busy so time goes by faster. He's at college and I'm on an island far, far away. We do chat online often and I manage to send him little notes to let him know he's missed, loved, and ... did I mention missed?

Gosh, this is painful. OK it is for his own good. I'm glad he's mature enough to be on his own, doing what he loves to do. I wont say that I'll get over it because quite frankly, I don't want to get over missing my oldest child, I'm OK with that. But I will move on, after all, I do have three others.

The middle child who is so darn artistic even she doesn't realize it some times, the 7 year old that has more energy stored in her little body then she knows what to do with, and my little man who can make anyone smile with his big hazel eyes and long eye lashes and beautiful smile. So Sweet! Do I sound like I'm looney for my kids? I am. They make me smile, they keep me young, and when they're asleep they are the BEST kids under the sun, for sure!!

Kids have a way of really irritating me. They know exactly how to get under my skin. The hardest thing for me is to not laugh when I'm trying to be serious. Sometimes I walk away to laugh at their facial expressions, then hopefully return to continue my scolding. It really does not work but it makes us all laugh--usually!!

I took this pictures at the beach yesterday because it was just perfect! Enjoy it!


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  1. How I missed this kind of activity. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Terie, as a mother of grown children, let me warn you that you will never stop missing any of your children, and they will ALWAYS be children. So, take a breath and pray for each one as they fly away. They'll return. Happy Blue Monday!