Monday, January 11, 2010

Blue Monday - Meditate on a Stormy Day

I recently joined a 28 day meditation challenge hosted by Janice Lundy (author of Your Truest Self). In the last three days, since I joined I can honestly say that I do feel a sense of calm and sort of freedom in my heart that I did not feel before. I know, it sounds crazy to think that three days could change me so much but admittedly, I started long ago before ever coming across Jan. I just wasn't meditating on a regular basis always finding an excuse to stay busy and keep my mind occupied with idle thoughts of nothing really important like whether I made my bed or did forget to switch the laundry.

Funny thing is that in the last few days the things I know need to get done always get done. My diet and nutrition habits are back on track, I pay more attention to being in the moment and enjoying the quietness and stillness of the day because for me, those are few and far between.

I leave you now with my beautiful stormy day blue picture of the day and a beautiful inspirational quote from Jan's site.

"Living in the present moment is the full awareness and appreciation of the life we have, right here, right now. Present moment awareness is being aware of what is happening in ourselves and our world instead of being lost in random fears from the past and uncertainties, hopes, and expectations for the future. In the absence of those fantasies we have the opportunity to enjoy our day-to-day living."
~Shannon Duncan, Present Moment Awareness: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Living in the Now (New World Library, 2004)


Visit Smiling Sally, our host for Blue Monday to see so many beautiful blues everyone else is sharing!! Thank You Sally, this is so much fun and helps me to really pay attention to all the blue around me - it's never sad!!


  1. Thanks, Terie. I think that trusting God will remove much stress and tension. Prayer is my form of meditation. Happy Blue Monday.

  2. Terie - Thanks for the reminder on the importance of meditation.

  3. I like your picture! It looks so pretty and peaceful. I like your quote too. It reminds me of a piece I read in a local paper right after new years that talked about living in the present (I posted part of it on my blog). It's great advice!

  4. Hi Terie, I love the view in your picture. I love that kind of weather. Glad you're feeling more enjoyment in the moment. Happy Blue Monday~

  5. Beautiful blue pic ! Sounds like a wonderful challenge .

  6. The photo looks serene and beautiful! I like stormy days, actually. Those are the times when I can stay at home with my family, cook some soup for them, relax and appreciate the time I have with my loved ones at home.