Friday, May 22, 2009

So much can happen in 24 hours

It it amazing how much trauma can happen in a short 24 hour period.  Things don't always go as smooth and it seems that the minute Daddy goes on trip I get a few more curve balls to keep things interesting I guess.  Funny thing about all that is that when he is home he doesn't have to deal with any of these little events, yet they still happen but only when he's gone, of course.

Peanut(6, 1st grade) saved her milk, from her school lunch, in her back pack.  It spoiled, spilled and needless to say, it was a stinky mess.  We just threw that bag in the trash - it was getting small for her anyway.  Daddy can get her a new bag.

My little Bear (2.5) decided to go fishing in his diaper this morning.  I'm not going to get graphic here but if you have kids you might have experienced one or two fishing expeditions in your kids life....let's just say, it was yet another, stinky situation at eight o'clock in the morning.  I wasn't sure where to start but I knew I had to get things cleaned up quickly so I put him in the tub with very warm, soapy water and had Peanut watch him while I disinfected his crib, wall, and anything in the area he might have touched. Yuck!  

Peanut wanted to be helpful so she got a bag to empty the upstairs trash cans...she try, but the trash landed on the floor instead of the bag...OK.  I'm going to breath in and breath out.  "It's OK honey, you did your best" is what I said to her...what I thought will stay in my head for now.

So now the baby is clean, the trash is picked up our hands are washed and the room is being aired out.  Life is back to good.  NO! I accidentally hit my coffee mug which was half filled with spilled all over the floor, table, chairs...etc.  Another clean up job for MOM.  It was at this point when I felt I could scream that my Peanut looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes and said "Mommy, today is not your day is it.  Do you want to go back to bed, I'll take care of the baby?"  I laughed because after all, it's just a stinky mess here and there, spilled trash and tea, not the end of the world.

Mr. Musician (18, 12th grade) had an event at the school last night.  He was performing and I didn't want to miss it but dad wasn't home to help with the kids so everyone went to the show. Thankfully, the baby sat through it and played with his food ate candy, cake, and spaghetti...nothing like a little sugar to get him all hyped up.  The performance was great as always, the Freshman kids have a lot of courage to go up there and sing as amateurs.  The did great.  My M&M (15,9th grade) filmed her brother -- she was so proud of him, as was I.

There's more going on to day but thinking about all this just makes me want to crawl back into my shell.  I need a break!!


  1. I can totally relate, in fact I just wrote a post called, "Do you need a break?" Apparently, you do.


  2. Mike..thanks for visiting. I agree with you and a visit to the ocean is my favorite way to relax. This is why I have scheduled some time to do just that next week with my friends.