Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday 5/20- a Squirrel

Outdoor Wednesday hosted by Susan takes us outside and makes us look for the little things we sometimes fail to see.  

I was already inspired to look deeper into thing this week when Queen B posted her photo for Blue Monday.  I was touched.  

Anyway, I always like photographing those moments in time when someting different, unique, or natural is happening.  No posing, no waiting, just shooting and capturing what I see at that very moment.

This is a sweet little Squirrel in my yard.  Probably an offspring of one of the Squirrels living in the wooded area behind our house.  They just love a home with birdfood but lately they haven't been around because I have failed to fill my birdfeeders again.  This little guy is trying to figure out how to jump from the fence to the bird feeder.  I once had a tree there with a branch that extended down to the birdhouse.  It was very convenient.

So it's time to figure out what in the world happened here.  He knows there was something here and now, not even a fence.  Well, we're working on that.  First we have to grind the stump, then we'll be able to accomodate the squirrel and its family.

The good thing about squirrels...they can practically fly.  This was an easy jump.

And off he goes in each of a better place to find food.

...oh the stories I could write using this little scene...I think I'll get working on that because my little man really enjoyed watching the squirrel make its way around our yard.

Enjoy outdoor wednesday and enjoy the life that nature breaths into your world everyday.


  1. How great to enjoy "nature and wildlife" in your own backyard. It's very rare to see squirrels around here but when we do, it's exciting. Enjoy your day!

  2. Oh this is fun. You captured the squirrel well. Happy O.W. to you...

  3. Yira, there is nothing I love more than a bushy-tailed squirrel! My husband and his college roommate rescued and later released a little squirrel they named Fang who was abadonned by his mother. He was adorable, and he had his own little A-Frame cage. But the time came that he had to go back into the wild, and he did and did well. My husband's former roomy would see him from time to time.

    Loved seeing these pics. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


    Sheila :-)

  4. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Yira! I can watch squirrels for hours! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  5. ya never know what those rascals will do next!
    i am in love with your header...i could look at it for hours. breathtaking!
    have a wonderful day.