Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Trying something new...30 Day challenge

When early morning doesn't work, one must adapt and overcome, or work at night. It has been an exhausting week for me. The baby was sick, my summer semester started off with a lot of reading to be done, and I'm still trying to maintain some level of sanity through my physical activity.

This month I decided to join my friend Nancy from CR8 Health and Fitness in a 30 Day Challenge. It is always fun to join others in a new project, to be accountable to someone other than yourself. In my case it's not so much the motivation but the desire to not let my mental state dictate whether or not I will exercise. I already know that when I do exercise I feel better, sometimes it's a matter of getting out the door.

Thankfully for me, my job as a fitness trainer sort of forces me to exercises and be motivated a few days a week, however on days when I don't teach I must work a little harder to get myself to the gym and work just as hard as when I do teach.

This challenge is about starting something new or reaching new heights in physical fitness or reaching goals that have been lingering for too long. After all, I can only claim that I'm holding on to some baby weight for so long--he's 19 months old and one of my goals is to loose the extra "baby weight" and tone my core muscles, my powerhouse. I'm not trying to get a six pack, just trim enough so I don't look like I'm carrying a keg. :-) My other lingering goal is to run a 5K. I ran in high school and again when I was in the military and I enjoyed it but then we ran in formation. This will be a huge accomplishment in my book of goals.

If you're feeling down and out and needing the extra moral, personal, professional and emotional support, or if you want to be a part of those who give the support, join me and Nancy on the 30 Day Challenge-- starting Monday, June 9th!

See you there.

(photo by thefiminator)

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