Friday, June 20, 2008

I sometimes worry...

Now that the kids are out of school I find myself sometimes worrying about their whereabouts. I only have four kids and two of them are old enough to speak up if they feel they have been forgotten, one is under excellent supervision at her Fit Camp and the baby is usually with me.

The problem is that sometimes I have to stop and think about where they all are because I am afraid if I'm not careful I'll forget one of them somewhere, like the gym's nursery or at Volley Ball practice. I don't want to be looked at as a bad mom, just a little stress every now and then. I'm exercising more, need to sleep more, but I'm eating healthy and staying hydrated. This is all an effort to keep my wiring working well so that I don't ever forget a child.

I think the reason I get comfortable and only reason I would even "forget" my kid is because I trust where they are and the people they are with. (I am one of those moms who checks the car just in case a kid slipped in on a trip uninvited) When I go to the gym, the baby runs to the arms of his young care provider and spends about 2 ours playing and having a great time while I work. My 6 year old forgets I'm in the room when I drop her off at FitCamp, which happens to be in the same building where I work. The teens--well they would like it if I dropped them off a few blocks away and if I chose to forget where they are, that would just be a huge plus.

As moms with busy lives we do the best we can, we give them love, a safe environment, and still manage to bring everyone home at the end of the day, even if for a fleeting moment we snap our heads back to make sure our kids are all present and accounted for and buckled in their seats. Usually that snapping motion is welcomed by four bright and beautiful smiles-- one of which will smartly say "We're all here mom!"

They grow so fast!

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