Sunday, June 8, 2008

My's growing!

Right now, this very moment , nothing is more satisfying than the fact that something I planted is growing in my garden. I'm so excited. You have to understand, I'm not a gardener, I love to do it but things don't always workout. This year I made a commitment to getting something out this little patch in my back yard and here are the results so far:


Tiger Lilies
I wont take credit for the tiger lilies, they grow every year on their own but I take credit for watering and caring for them...they are just so beautiful and bright.

(not really sure what type but soon I'll know)




I also have watermelon, spinach and carrots growing--if could eat just one of each at least, that would make me feel like I accomplished something in this garden. For now I have to care for my infant goodies as they grow and mature into a delicious meal. Very exciting!

(Photos taken with a Canon PowerShot S2IS 5.0 Mega Pixels by me)


  1. Thank you so much for your comment, and I will pray for your family because this is not a easy thing for family's to go through. So just call ofter and hang in there you are not alone.


  2. Nice garden and they look lovely and makes you feel like plucking it out...