Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blue Monday- Sea Glass

We recently went back to Glass Beach where I found quite a few of the blue sea glass you see here. The color is so vibrant and so deep I just wish I had a jar full of just that color. We had a great time playing in the water and searching for the most wanted colors, blue, red, purple, and black.

Now I need some ideas for all my sea glass. Any crafty people out there? I stay away from jewelry because I wont wear it and my friend already does that. I would rather make something that I can display in my house so I take any ideas you may have. Oh and I have the display in a jar and a bowl down as the #1 way to show off sea glass and add color to the "all too white" rooms in military housing.

Anything else?

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  1. Hi Terie,

    I see that you posted Tuesday morning at 8:32 AM; that's why you did not find Mr. Linky operational.
    Blue Monday begins every Monday at 12:00 AM and lasts the entire day. On Tuesday, you were too late. Please try again next Monday.

  2. That is a nice looking hull!! There are a gazillion projects you can do but I'm gonna give you a little trade secret to increase the value of your whitish grays, lavenders and black glass. Leave them in the sun to get more exposure to the UV rays...over time these colors will deepen and your select pieces will look more extradinary. I love my sea glass strewn across my windowsill.
    Fair Winds and Calm Seas, Deborah Leon

  3. Hi Terie! I just love your sea glass! I very rarely find any, only lots of shells! I wish I could come up with a nice idea for you...how about making a picture frame, trinket box or a mirror! I jumped onto the net for a quick search and look what I found... http://www.ehow.com/how_2045660_make-things-out-sea-glass.html
    Have fun Sweetie!!! xoxo

  4. There are lots of things to do with sea glass other than jewelry. You can pick up little tables in the Garden section of stores like "Home Depot" or "Wal Mart" and tile the tops with sea glass. "Home Depot" also offers tiling demos if needed. I made two of these tables last Spring. They look great. I even gave one away to a sea glass hunting friend. :)

  5. @SS- yeah about that date... I get a little confused when the kids are off on Mondays. My mistake :-)

    @MP Thanks. Right after you posted I went and put a bunch of my seaglass on my window sill and it really adds some color to my kitchen window. I can keep it there until I'm ready to do something different or more creative.

    @bee Thank you and thank you for the link on ehow. I will go check it out.

    @DR I, unfortunately, don't have access to any other store besides the Navy Exchange and the Thrift Store on base which I will visit in search for your suggestions. That is a great idea! Thank You.

  6. There are a lot of great crafts on our non commercial website http://wwwseaglasslovers.ning.com and we have some ideas on our jewelry site at http://www.bytheseajewelry.com/theglass/seaglassideas.php