Friday, August 14, 2009

Beach Trip Gone ... well it's raining here :-(

Going to the beach in the summer is something we all look forward to at one point or another. Even if we don't really enjoy the sand stuck in places we'd rather not reveal, we love going to the beach during the summer months. This year I agreed to join three other moms and their children in a house in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. There were 15 of us total and here's the breakdown: 4 moms, Boys: 1-18, 1-16, 1-15, 2-12, 1-3; Girls: 4-15, 1-7 years old.

Day one, driving day. Took three hours to get there, no traffic, no issues in the car, no whining kids, I mean the perfect ride on a beautiful day. We unloaded the vehicles and headed for the waters right away. After an afternoon/evening getting sandy we all came back jumped in the pool, ate dinner, played some games and went to bed.

Day two, another perfect day, super hot but beautiful. We spend a good 30 minutes applying sun screen on everyone before hitting the sand again. We found out that our beach has a valet service. Never had that before but was glad they had one. There were college students everywhere driving little golf carts to the beach and dropping your stuff exactly where you want them. That was fantastic. Then we rented umbrellas and they set those up for us and take them down every day...again, fantastic. Couldn't be better.

Day three, better weather, a little cooler, the water was warmer, it was the best.

Day four, things went down hill fast. The weather went from sunny to raining, thunder storms, torrential rain at times and flood warnings in the area. If you've never seen the Outer Banks on the map, go take a look. It's a strip of land with one way in and one way out with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the sound on the other. A flood is not something I care to experience here.

However, here we are, no flood, still raining and us moms sit here trying to figure out what else we could do to entertain 11 well behaved children. I think walking in the rain is not such a bad thing. All in all, it's great to be here with friends, having fun and enjoying each other's company.

Pictures coming soon! Have a great weekend!

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