Sunday, July 26, 2009

Can I ride a Harley?

About a year or maybe more ago one of my good friends (my sister Lin) decided she would do something different.  She was going to learn how to ride a motorcycle.  At the time it was just a goal to break that "you look so nun-like" label I gently placed on her when we first met.  She wanted to do something wild, something completely out of the box, just for fun of course.  Little did she know there would be a Harley, a leather jacket and cute helmet in her future.  At the  insitence of her hubby she bought a bike and got her license and now rides on a regular basis.  She loves it!!  

I have been a "back seat mamma" for a long time.  In fact, when I met my husband in Hawaii he had a bike and to me, it was really exciting to ride along the coast.  All I had to do was hold on and enjoy the ride - it was and still is fantastic to go on these rides with my husband.  I love it.

However, since my sister got her license she's been telling me how much fun she has riding her bike and insist that I let myself go through the same mid-life crisis she went though after turning 40.  Well, I'm there and I think she's right.  So I've been sharing this idea with other friends and telling my hubby to teach me how..etc..etc.  He said once we get to our next duty station he will teach me how to ride.  I'm excited.  

Last week I had the pleasure of having breakfast with a very good friend from when I lived in Pennsylvania and shared with her my goal of learning to ride a bike, preferably a Harley.  She smiled and said "I could really see you in a leather jacket, riding a Harley."  We both laughed not sure if either of us was serious.   Well after our meal and chatting session was over she asked me to walk over to her car.  She opened the trunk, ripped open a box and out came a beautiful, black leather jacket with the Harley-Davidson logo printed on the inside label and on each zipper pull and button.  

I was speechless.  She said "I told you I could see you in a black leather jacket, now the pressure is on to learn how to ride that harley...I want pictures."  Well the pressure is on so I know I will do it within the year.  After all, I can't let my friends down, right?

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  1. Oh, you are brave! You couldn't get me on a bike if you gave me the jacket, helmet and the Harley.