Saturday, July 5, 2008

Time to challenge myself, yet to join me?

I finally decided that I am ready to start this program. I am going to start my hundred push up challenge on Monday, July 7. I did the test just to see where I was and I did 12 well formed push ups. My workout wont take more than 10 minutes each day and each set will have a 60 second rest period in between. So starting from that point forward here is what my first week will look like:

Day 1; Monday

7 push ups (rest) + 7 pu's rest + 5 pu's (rest) + 4 pu's (rest) + Max 5 pu's

Day 2: Wednesday

9 push ups (rest) + 8 pu's rest + 6 pu's (rest) + 5 pu's (rest) + Max 7 pu's

Day 3: Friday

10 push ups (rest) + 8 pu's rest + 8 pu's (rest) + 5 pu's (rest) + Max 10 pu's

At the end of the week I get to determine if I'm ready for week two or if I need to repeat week one until I can do the set on day 3 easily.

I don't know if my goal is to actually do 100 push ups as much as it is to strengthen and define my upper body, strengthen my abdominals and back and test my abilities, feel strong and be stronger. You can come back again to follow my progress or better yet, join me and see how far we go together.

If you want to learn more about how the program works visit to test yourself, start the program and see who else is participating. Keep in mind that although this is a six week program you can go at your own pace and repeat weeks you don't feel ready to leave behind.

My tip for this week: Challenge yourself--push a little harder to do a little better!

"Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it." ~Plato


  1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a great compliment! We hope to see you back!


  2. you have inspired me to drop that fluffernutter and WORK IT!! all kidding aside, my sis and I wana start your challenge, Thank you for posting.. do you mind if i link to it on my site?

  3. Lisa, I think it would be awesome to get more people involved in the challenge, please do link it up in your blog as well and post your progress as you go, that keeps you honest because I and others will be looking.

    I am actually following my progress with two other online buddies at

    You and your sister are welcomed to join us there for moral support, motivation and plenty other ideas. Good Luck.