Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The sweetest thing...

Today, at around 5:30 am, I heard the baby (20 months old)crying for about a minute. I thought "why is he up so early, I need more sleep...ugh." I got up to check on him and as I approached his room, which he shares with his 6 year old sister, I saw her holding him on her lap, sitting on her bed, just rocking him and patting his back saying, "it's OK baby, you are with sissy, don't cry."

I almost cried, it was so sweet, such a tender moment deserved a photograph, however, my camera was not within reach, so I stood there and watched. I tried to take it all in so that I could remember this very precious moment. They are few and far between but I think that's why we appreciate them so much.

On the other hand, sharing a room also means that he'll cry to be taken out of the crib. When he's alone in the room he plays and entertains himself for a while before he even makes a peep. So at the wee hours I stepped into the room to remove the baby and give his sister a chance to sleep a few more hours. He spend time jumping on me while I laid on the family room floor, occasionally feeling like I could easily go back to sleep if this cute little bundle of joy wasn't pulling my ears, sitting on my back and trying to smear his sloppy kisses on my face.

I guess sleep could wait a bit. These moments don't last for ever.


  1. Aren't those the BEST kisses? Such a sweeeeet story, I still put both of the girls in the same crib, even though i KNOW i should split them up because one sis wake the other ALL the time. But when I seperate them then they don;t sleep as well, they spend most of the time looking for eachother. BTW thank you for the words of encouragement yesterday.