Friday, November 9, 2012

Signs of Fall

I love the Fall season, almost as much as I love Spring.  The thing I've missed most about this time of year is the changing foliage, the warm colors, the ability to make soups and stews and of course gathering with friends and family to celebrate the season and all we have to be thankful for.

Many people are caught up in the negativity that's is just about everyone in social networks, the media, even at the coffee shop today, ugh!  Anyway, I am a very positive person and truly believe in taking personal accountability for how things go in my life.  What job I do, how well I do it, what we eat for dinner, and what we watch on TV... I decide, WE decide these things and WE decide whether we're going to be happy or sad about the end result.  Do I learn from my mistakes or do I just blame others and keep on doing them?  When you fall, do you just stay down or do you get up and keep on walking?

I'm writing this today because for a short moment I was feeling a little down.  I'm not working in my field as much as I was before, I have been unpacking for ever, it seems, and we are just now recovering from colds, strep, infections, etc... It's been a crazy four months for us and today, in the stillness of my home I again realized, I'm not doing what I love, yet.

I called my good friend, Lin and she made me laugh and reminded me that there are reasons why things go the way they do. I need to stop fighting in my head and putting my emotions through such a roller coaster because everything will fall into place when the time is right.  She's right. That's how it always happens and I know that too, but sometimes we go to the dark side and OMG...not a good place to be.

Today she reminded me that I need to just be thankful for what I have, embrace this down time because I obviously needed and she reminded me to MAKE A LIST!! 

I need my list to keep me focused and to keep my goals in check.  

I have so much to be thankful for in my life.

I feel renewed, Thanks Lin!!

If you ever feel blue, call a friend, talk to someone who can put things into perspective for you. While I am super positive, it helps to have good friends to talk me through my crazy moments of sadness.

Be Happy, Stay Happy, because Life is good, Living is Good!!



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