Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday 7/14- sweet butterflies

It is so hard to see wildlife here, at least the type that make me smile. Sorry but Iguanas, Hutias and Boas just don't do that for me..ugh! But every once in a while we do come across the pretty ones, like birds, tiny lizards are cute and of course these pretty little butterflies. I was able to capture a few yesterday, however the yellow ones seem to travel in packs. They hover over the trees and sometimes when we drive we feel like we're driving into an enchanted field of butterflies. The orange one in the middle is the only one I've seen of its kind. Just wanted to share them with you on this Outdoor Wednesday, hosted by Susan from A Southernday Dreamer.

Stop by Susan's blog to see what others have to share. Susan posted the most amazing photos of old graveyard stones. They are truly amazing, detailed and interesting. I love the angels the most. Thanks again Susan for hosting.
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  1. Very sweet butterflies....nice shots...they're hard to get to sit still. Wow, boas and iguanas sound interesting...I have an 11yo son that would find them a dream come true?!

  2. We've had more butterflies in the yard this year than I can ever remember.

  3. We've not had many butterflys but the hummingbirds are eating away.

  4. How pretty! Have a good rest of the week :)

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