Saturday, June 12, 2010

Celebrating me...and more

Spa Night at Terie's

I think it's really strange that while I was going to school, had a schedule packed with reading and writing and caring for the family I had time or took time to write.  Now that I'm done with school I can't seem to fit in any time to write and I really enjoy writing about everything.

Throughout the day I will have many stories written if only I could sending via ESP to my computer.  Maybe insert a little disk in my head and download all that's roaming inside there.  But such is life.  I have been so incredibly absent from my favorite blog, I actually miss sharing and reading what my followers have to say so I'm trying to get the ball rolling here.

An early morning peace moment in Guantanamo Bay it is.  Today, in the aftermath of my celebratory Spa party during which my girlfriends received a mini massage, smeared on some delicious chocolate face mask, ex-foliated their feet and hands and had a fantastic night.  I am so happy today, that everyone had a great time.

I was celebrating ME.  Yes, I threw myself a big bash party with the girls - no hubbies, no kids.  In fact, now that I think about it, the only man in the house was the Masseuse, Willi.  He's an older guy from the Philippines.  He's probably very happy that he chose to become a masseuse because only in this field do you get to rub so many women and have them pay you... ha ha ha!! But seriously, Willi was great and worked very hard to earn his keep. Everyone enjoyed their massage.

Back to ME.  I was celebrating the fact that I finished college and now have a B.S. in Social Studies and Humanities.  I am celebrating that I've been married to the same guy for 20 years.  I am celebrating my 43rd birthday and feeling more like 34!  I am also celebrating all the women who choose to NOT be co-dependant of anyone but themselves, women who choose to grow, love, laugh, and even break lose and do something wild.  I am celebrating perseverance, accomplishments, success, friendships, LIFE!!

I think the message was clear during the Spa party.  I shared with just about everyone how important it is to let go of negative feelings, to appreciate life and our short time together here in Guantanamo.  Holding grudges can often be debilitating and drag us down, depressing and viciously takes away precious moments in life.  So we learn to let go and move on.  Be happy.

Cheers to all my precious friends who shared in celebrating us!


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