Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday - Autumn

"Life is wonderful..." ~ Jason Mraz

Outdoor Wednesday hosted by Susan from a Southern Daydreamer.  Visit Susan to experience outdoors from a different perspective.

I look forward to the beauty of the season, but mostly to the delicious recipes we can make in a crockpot, Yum!!

I took the kids to the harvest fair and although it was a lot of fun and they had a great time, I was a little sad because growing up, I did not have to wait to be taken to a fair to experience harvest or to see farm animals live.  I think I'm going to take my kids to local farms more often throughout the year.  I loved the look on their faces when they see and touch a real cow or chicken or a donkey.  It was fun, enjoy!

I love this picture :-)


  1. I certainly agree that it is fun to see the kids expressions when they see and pet an animal. I love the old truck photo. Fall is definitely here even if I still have the AC and shorts on:)

  2. Hello Yira. Wonderful outdoor photos and post!

  3. They look like they are having a wonderful time. It's funny, but these photos will become memories for you and for them in just a few years. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  4. What sweet photos. I love the hoola hoop, What fun that is. Thanks for sharing!