Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm running our of steam...

Today, Sunday, I woke up with every intention to attend the 8:30 am service at our chapel - of course it was only 2 am when I woke up and 6:30 am when I finally fell asleep again. It has been quite the week and I've been stretching myself too thin. As I sit here writing I realize that next week is not exactly going to be easier so I must, must, must write down what I need to do or I will have a break down. I enrolled my toddler in a 3 day pre-school program and my 7 yo will go to all day camp 3 days a week at the gym. This way I will have time to get and keep the house ready for showing.

This past week I've gone to work, trained a few people, driven children to their destination, helped decorate for Vacation Bible School and yesterday I hosted a birthday party for my little peanut- she's now 7--Wow! I had 8 kids over for an afternoon of water fun in the back yard. Boys and girls playing together, sometimes nicely and others...well, kids play is always unpredictable. But it was obvious to me they were having a great time getting themselves wet. Then it was time for me to spray them and it was war time as they each tried to get me wet.

Thank God parties have a limited time because I would go absolutely nuts with that many kids under the age of 9 competing for water balloons, my attention, the sprinkler, slip and slide and the hose. Whew!! My daughter was in heaven and I was ready for a nap which came shortly after the kids went home. By Saturday evening I was completely exhausted. I tried to watch "Horton Hears a Who" with the kids and passed out on the floor.

Now I'm trying to re-energize myself for next week. Vacation Bible School every morning, getting the house ready for the market when I get home - have to finish a few details before showing time begins. I WILL go to the gym every morning or I will lose my mind.

I will be back with some of the following updates:

* Water play at the Birthday Party
* Cinnabon Clone Cinnamon Bun Recipe
* About Wine
* The Lee Hall Depot has been moved
* Blue Monday and Outdoor Wednesday
* Summer Reading - small steps and making progress

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Hi, just wanted to leave you a message to say - I love your blogs! I found your Family In Shape through google randomly.. but as I use blogspot it's easier for me to follow this one!
    Lydia x

  2. Hi Lydia. Thank you so much for visiting both my sites and for following as well. I tried to visit yours but your link would not take me to your blog. Can you provide me with a link? Have a good week.

  3. Hi! My blog link is

    I'm not sure you would be too interested though - I do beauty blogging! Superficial, yes I know! But it's a hobbie :-)