Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Are you ready for Christmas?

What does that really mean anyway?  I hear it alot, just about everywhere I go people ask me "are you ready for the holidays?" or "are you ready for Christmas?" or my favorite, "are the kids ready for Santa?"  Well, duh! They are, they were born ready to get new toys and new clothes and just about anything new. 

My idea of ready has more to do with the emotional and spiritual connection we make with this special day.  There's so much stress during this time of year and it's mostly related to the whole "shopping, baking, card and newsletter writing, making the deadline at the post office" thing.  
Well this year I decided, sort of unwillingly, that I wasn't going to stress about all that. I had faith that things would fall into place in due time and I need not worry so much about meeting deadlines and sending cards.  Did I stress about my long list of things to do? Yes, I did, for about 5 minutes then I thought long and hard about what would happen if I didn't send out cards on time or if I didn't bake the cookies before Friday.  Nothing would happen.  Except maybe that I would be stressed, exhausted, and very hormonal, if you know what I mean.  

Since one of my goals is to start taking care of me first then everyone else I had to just give up all that and do only what I could.  Relaxing and taking my time was the best thing I ever did. Everything just fell into place this week.  All the painting was done last week, the carpet was installed on Thursday and by Sunday evening we had a beautiful tree, by Monday evening the tree was fully decked.  The kids had a great time talking about the ornaments we have collected over the years, many of which were home made.  

Children bring such joy to the holiday season, even when they talk about what St. Nick will be bringing and what new toys they want, they also have a way of making it fun to sing Christmas carols while decorating the tree and while baking cookies.  We watch festive movies, play fesive music and talk about what Christmas means to us.
Each year my kids take turns putting the angel on the tree.  I take pictures of the event because in the past we have forgotten and that usually leads into an argument and someone walks away mad.  This is my 18 year old son whom will soon graduate High School and go off to fullfil his dreams of a career in music.  No doubt he'll do great but I will miss him when he's gone. Colletively, we all decided that he should put the angel on the tree this year, regardless of who's turn it was.

We had the best time decorating the tree.  I ordered picture cards from Snapfish.com and had them printed at Wallgreens, they were ready the next day and in the mailbox by Monday.  I had a chance to attend a "girls only party" with my best friend; I bought everything I needed to and wanted to buy and I still have a day to spare.  Tomorrow we will prepare an awesome meal, attend Christmas Eve service at our Chapel and then, the next day, we'll sit back and enjoy watching the kids open their presents.

It will be fun and I didn't have to loose sleep over it.  As for the cookies and bread, they will be done tomorrow morning, before anyone has a chance to pull themselves out of bed.

From my family to yours, have a very Merry Christmas and prosporous and healthy new year!!

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