Monday, September 22, 2008

Moment of weakness

It happened again. I had a moment of weakness and feel absolutely guilty about it. Well, maybe just for a fleeting moment anyway. What I really feel is the stomach ache I'm about to experience due to my huge indiscretion with Pecan Pralines. I wrote about my weaknesses with Oreo Cookies and Milk a while back as well as the day I decided to overeat all the wrong foods because I was stressed. You think I learned my lesson? Of course I did and every time we eat stuff we know we shouldn't we know the consequences, but even that doesn't stop the urge. It's like an addiction.

Since I last lived in South Carolina, about 8 years ago, this is the first time I indulge in Pecan Pralines for one simple reason.... I love them too much to have just a few. Last night, while at Trader Joe's, I let my guard down, again. I bought a container of Pecan Pralines which serves 8 at 200 calories per serving, 12g of fat, 23g of sugar and a miniscule amount of protein, 1 gram. My plan was to eat only the recommended portion. So I did, last night I ate only 1/4 cup which is bad enough but I was following the rules of portion control.

My initial plans for today were to get some laundry done, paint an entire room, study-- a lot, workout with my new Core Fitness video and as always, eat healthy foods all day long. Playing with the baby usually falls in place throughout the day, regardless of what I'm doing.

Instead the day turned into a disaster--yeah all by itself too! No seriously,I chose not to do anything constructive with my day, at least not as much as I had planned. I did some homework, sent some emails, dug up a few weeds (3 or 4 to be exact), and then played with the baby for a little while. We both ate healthy breakfast, snacks and lunch. He took a nap and I went to the pantry for one serving of Pecans. Well, let me just say that the whole container is empty now. I ate it all, one portion at a time. In the mean time I painted the trim around the family room (because I felt guilty), watched Army Wives, and studied--a little. Now I feel just as tired as I did before the treat, I am extra thirsty, and could easily throw in the towel and call it a day.

However, I am an optimist, therefore, I will find the positive in this day. For one, I will not be buying Pecan Pralines unless I plan to have a party and everyone will be eating them; I will get myself ready for the day early so I can stick to the plan; and I will get my workout done first thing so I have no reason to skip it later. I'm headed to the gym tonight where I promise to get an excellent workout on the elliptical trainer and in the weight room. Somehow I don't think I can burn off all 1400 calories in that one hour, but I can attempt to burn at least half. I can't change the past, I can only learn from it and make changes that will affect my future. So I will get back on the saddle, as we say in spinning, and ride on the path of good choices!


  1. Hopefully this makes you feel better:

    Once, when hubby was away for 2 weeks TAD, I ate nothing but candy and an occasional 39 cent cheeseburger from McDonalds! AND I didn't feel one bit guilty about it. My thinking was "As long as it's DIET, SUGAR FREE candy, it's ok". I may of thought it was ok, but my digestive system sure didn't and it decided to punish me, severely, for it.

    Have fun at the gym tonight, and good luck with your day planning! :)

  2. Oh that sounds like a diabetes attack...oh wait no sugar, ok then that's fine. LOL... Sugar free usually means there's some kind of chemical sweetener and yes, your tummy will be upset- been there done that. :-)

    Even going to the gym could not fix my issue last night. I felt itchy, huge head ache and very thirsty. Ugh. It will be a while before I indulge in anything sweet.

  3. I think we've all been there before! Somehow I'm just not at peace with myself until, once a month, I eat a whole container of Ben and Jerry's by myself. I always have a horrible tummy ache the next day---but I keep doing it. SO I guess it's working for me :)!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. So lovely to find fellow Office fans out there ;)!

  4. I've never had Pecan Pralines, but I've had those moments with those lovely white chocolate covered Oreos .. Those things are just waaay too good for my hips ;o)