Wednesday, June 17, 2009

OW! A Birthday Bouquet

Today is outdoor wednesday and I have to say, it is a very special day to me. Please visit Susan, our host, at A Southern Day Dreamer, for more outdoor stuff.

Now back to today being special-- It's my birthday--yay! I'm excited because I am blessed with the gift to celebrate yet another year with my family and friends. Another year of adventures, learning, giving and receiving the joy of life from everyone around me. I don't look at it as getting old, growing gray hair or new wrinkles - nature will do what it has to do- to me it is definitely a day when I look back at all I have done, the lives I've touched and the ones that are still with me today and say "Thank You God for this fantastic gift!"

So I share with you my birthday bouquet of flowers. A collage from the pretty little things I get to enjoy on this peaceful morning. I took these pictures around 6:15 am, it's raining a little, and the weather is cool. Perfect day! Enjoy the flowers!

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