Monday, June 8, 2009

Blue Monday - outdoor weather

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My blue has a little story behind it. Last week started of super hot here in the Virginia Peninsula so on a whim I decided it was time to get the kids their yearly outdoor fun toys. So I went out and bought mini water guns, this lovely sprinkler whale and a three ring pool. The were so excited to get out there and play. But it was late and we decided to get everything ready for the next day. So we blew up the pool, hooked up the whale and set up the back yard for fun.

Unfortunately, the next day was not so hot, in fact it was 20 degrees cooler. But that never stops a kid from getting wet outdoors. However, by the time school was out we realized we were facing tornado warnings, thunderstorms and lightning--several of which were hitting close by. OK that was not good. Both my little ones stood by the back door and looked out, so disappointed.

Since then the toys have been all over, the pool lost most of the air we put in and the whining did stop after a while. I felt so bad for them.

Well today, this week actually seem like it will be a winner for them. The temp will be in the 80's with high humidity so I'm ready for the outdoor fun. I think I'm more excited then the kids. They don't know it but when they come home from school it will be time for some serious back yard fun!! I can't wait!!

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By the way--I need to share a couple of pictures with you. These are grapes, still developing on my grapevine. The kind you would use to make wine in fact. No, not trying to make wine - that's for another time in my life.

And these are my tomatoes. I can't wait for them to ripen. They already look delicious.

Happy Blue Monday everyone!

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