Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mini-Vacation to see the Biltmore Estates

We went on a little trip (6.5 hour drive) to Ashville, North Carolina to visit the Biltmore Estates. It was fantastic, amazing house, I can't imagine there were ever children and dogs running through the house. The woodwork and craftmanship was impressive and so far ahead of their time in so many ways.

It was nice for us two to get away and just walk around the grounds, the garden, talk without being interrupted by kids (not that mine would ever do that..ha!) and ordering adult meals for two with no extra napkins please.

I think we need to do this more often. We had a great time!

Notice the picture of the moon and sunset. They were taken at exactly the same time on our way home. That was really cool to see as well.

Take care everyone!
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