Saturday, April 4, 2009

The birthday party....success!

Well, I'm happy to say that I pulled it off tonight.  My first born girl had her birthday party, she was super surprised and they all had a great time and everyone behaved.  Some kids went home earlier but the doors were closed at 10:00 pm for those who were staying over night.  Yeah, I know, I'm nuts.  At first only four girls were staying and that was cool but then a few others begged to stay and since we are moving and it's unlikely we'll see these kids ever again, I said yes but with rules.  

My goal was to surprise my daughter and make sure she had a great day..that was a success!  Here are some photos from the party.  I left out the other kids to protect their privacy but I had about 16 kids in the house around the age of 15....ouch, never have a I seen so many cell phones going on at the same time.

Thanks for the well wishes, enjoy the pictures.

A napkin.

A cloth bag with candy and pink bubbles, a blue pen, a guest notebook.

A Strawberry Mouse-filled white cake with creamy frosting.

A very happy birthday girl.

"15" that is quite the number!

We still got the tiara in the mix and she wore the entire night  :-)

Pink and White long-stem roses from Daddy and Mommy.

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