Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day

I made several comments recently about how I wish we had even a little snow and how much my kids would just love to be able to play in the snow.  Most of all how my older kids would love snow on a Monday because then they wouldn't have to go to school.  Not that they don't love school but it's sort of a treat  I guess.

So this morning I woke up to this.... keep in mind we really don't get snow at all, not even flurries: 

Remeber this cardinal from a few days ago looking out my back door..well he's back.

Mr. Chilli here is taking a break from all the fun.  Actually, we tried building a real snowman but the snow was too fluffy and the snowballs were not sticking.  So we decided to just let him rest on the back porch swing.  Notice his unibrow and missing nose, he's just unique that's all...and lazy.

The neighbor's dog Earnie paid us a visit as well.  He was loving the snow.

Another one of my outdoor, backyard friends.  He's so cute all fluffed up like a little ball.

....and the Tonka truck now filled with snow.

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